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Roaring Twenties

Politics and Regional Protests
Foreign Investment
Canada's Growing Autonomy
Canadian Culture
20 Questions for the Twenties
Interesting facts
Veterans and Social Support
Fads, Fashions, & American Influences
Women in the 1920s
Economic Development Of Canada
Post-War Problems
Aboriginal Political Movements
Twenties Talk
Labour Unrest
Important People

Sports and Professional Sports

- golden age of sports in Canada
- Percy Williams was a sprinter and stunned outlookers at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics
- won gold in 100- and 200- metre sprints
- " the greatest sprinter the world has ever seen "
- Lionel Conach was a famous wrestler, boxer, lacrosse player, hockey player, football player, and baseball player
- in 1922, he hit the triple in the last inning that won Toronto Hillcrest Championship
- in 1922 there was the Grey Cup Game, and he had 15 points leading in the Toronto Argunauts in football
- women enjoyed ; croquet, skating, fencing, cycling, and lawn tennis
- early 20th century basketball was started
- Edmonton Grads dominated womens basketball for over 20 years
- won Olympics from 1924-1936
- Dr. James Naismith was the Canadian- born inventor
- " Bobbie " Rosenfeld was called " best women athlete of the half- century "
- star at hockey, basketball, softball, tennis, and track and field
Professional Sports
- hockey and baseball
- the National Hockey League was formed in 1917
- top professional league
- " Hockey Night In Canada "
- in 1939 there were only two Canadian hockey teams - Toronto and Montreal
- been centered towards the United States
- most players were still Canadian

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