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Roaring Twenties

Politics and Regional Protests

Politics and Regional Protests
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What happened with Canada's politics and regional protests?

- Arther Meighen became the prime minister of Canada.
- He got a country that was torn apart by strikes and was restless.
- Quebec didn't have a MP on the government after the election.
- A group called Action Nationale told Quebec that the French culture ahd to be protected.
- Abbe Lionel Groulx, the leader of Action Nationale, wanted French-Candian ownership of large industries.
- The movement also supported French-Candian rural life and traditional values.
- Martime manufacturing companies moved to central Canada, where they could get to a larger market. Others struggled with high freight rates and railways.
- Unemployment increased drastically because the demand was decreasing and soon industries went out of business.
- A Maritime Rights Movement wanted the government to increase subsides, encourage more national and international trade through Maritime ports, and help protect Maritime industries with higher tariffs.
- The government only made minor changes.
- Prairie farmers wete also suffering from post-war struggle.
- They were really short on money and they were getting really frustrated. They were protesting over how freight rates and tariffs increased the costs. They believed that federal political parties were dominated by business interests in Central Canada.
- Farmers createda group of their own called the National Progressives. It campaigned for lower freight rates and tariffs. They also believed that voters should have a chance to propose laws. They stunned everyone and one 65 seats in the House of Commons.
- They could not agree on major issues though. Some went with the Liberals, some dropped poilitics altogether, and some stayed with the farmer parties and protested the farmers' concerns.
- William Lyon Mackenzie became the most successful prime minister of Canada.
- He was cautious, careful, and shrewd. That's why he had gotten alot of votes.
- He was interested into doing seances and once he claimed that he contacted hid dead mother.
- He listened to what other regions of Canada had to say and usually didn't make a desicion until he made compromises with diverse interests.

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