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Roaring Twenties

Politics and Regional Protests
Foreign Investment
Canada's Growing Autonomy
Canadian Culture
20 Questions for the Twenties
Interesting facts
Veterans and Social Support
Fads, Fashions, & American Influences
Women in the 1920s
Economic Development Of Canada
Post-War Problems
Aboriginal Political Movements
Twenties Talk
Labour Unrest
Important People

Now, what was the entertainment like back in the 1920's?

- Jazz moved from New Orleans to Canada and was made popular by musicians as Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong.
- The Charleston became the dance of the decade. It became the emblem of the "Jazz Age."
- Members of the Boston City Council tried to have the dance banned because of it's quick and wild pace, but they failed.
- The new music and dancing provoked cries of outrage from the pulpits of the nation and scandalized alot of its citizens.
-At this time, saxes and banjos were all the rage in the new "hot" music as well.
-Don Wright and his band were an example of a jazz band.
- Talking movies arrived in Canada in 1927, another invention. Before that time, the films were silent.
- Many stars were idolized by Canadians as they gave them excitement that the ordinary people could not have.
- Movies became a part of everybodies lives. 900 movie houses were all across Canada by the end of the decade.
- Canadian film-makers had very little success in competing against the Hollywood product.
- Most film-making in the country was by American companies and directors who came north for the scenery.
- In every province, government boards carefully supervised what Canadians could  or could not see. The movies had to reinforce the culture, not destroy it, and with so many films coming from the U.S, vigilance was necessary.
- There were Canadian publishers on the newstands, with American monthies. Most people do the page flipping to keep up with articles and stories.
-  Regular columns kept readers up tp date with the latest news on radio, the movies, dance steps, jazz, and popular fads.
- Fiction was usually in the form of romances.
- Fashion features showed mostly the styles from Paris and Rome.

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