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Roaring Twenties

Interesting facts
Politics and Regional Protests
Foreign Investment
Canada's Growing Autonomy
Canadian Culture
20 Questions for the Twenties
Interesting facts
Veterans and Social Support
Fads, Fashions, & American Influences
Women in the 1920s
Economic Development Of Canada
Post-War Problems
Aboriginal Political Movements
Twenties Talk
Labour Unrest
Important People

Here are some facts you may find interesting that occured in the 1920s!

1920- Trans-Canada survey flight crosses the country Oct. 7-17
1921- Canadian Badminton Association is organized.
1922-B.C traffic changes from left to right
1923-Calgary Stampede becomes an annual event
1924-First dial phones appear in Toronto
1925-Strike shuts down N.S. coal mines for 5 months
1926-Canada and the U.S agree to joint action to save Niagra Falls
1927-First motorized snowblower invented by Arthur Sicard of Quebec
1928-Chatelaine begins publication
1929-First neon signs appear on Canadian streets

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