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Roaring Twenties

Politics and Regional Protests
Foreign Investment
Canada's Growing Autonomy
Canadian Culture
20 Questions for the Twenties
Interesting facts
Veterans and Social Support
Fads, Fashions, & American Influences
Women in the 1920s
Economic Development Of Canada
Post-War Problems
Aboriginal Political Movements
Twenties Talk
Labour Unrest
Important People

Immigration : another major issue after the war...

-The  federal government was promoting Canada's West after the war again
-They were looking for primarily British immigrants
-Non-British or " foreigners" were shut out
-Xenophobia: dislike towards foreigners
-Changes were made to the immigration act in 1919 which reflected feelings of xenophobia
-Compulsory for immigrants to pass a literacy test
-government wanted to assimilate immigrants into society
-1919-government passed in-order-council barring all Mennonites, Doukhobors, and Hutterites from coming to Canada
-Mennonites weren't allowed back in Canada until 1922 and Doukhobors weren't allowed into Canada until 1926
- In B.C discrimination was directed towards Asians
- July 1st/1923-Chinese Exclusion Act-banned all chinese except students, merchants, and dipomats from entering Canada
-known as "Humiliation Day" for Chinese Canadians
-1927-European immigrants were restricted
-1928-number of Japanese was limited to 150
-B.C provincial liberal government petitioned Ottawa to end all Asian immigration and to patriate(send home) as many Chinese & Japanese people as possible

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