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Roaring Twenties

Aboriginal Political Movements
Politics and Regional Protests
Foreign Investment
Canada's Growing Autonomy
Canadian Culture
20 Questions for the Twenties
Interesting facts
Veterans and Social Support
Fads, Fashions, & American Influences
Women in the 1920s
Economic Development Of Canada
Post-War Problems
Aboriginal Political Movements
Twenties Talk
Labour Unrest
Important People

These are some of the things Aboriginal People did in order to keep their culture and have rights reconized.

Why Aboriginal Movements came about:
1) Indian act of 1876 took many native rights away
2)Assimilation was stressed by the government
3)They did not want to be under strict government control
4)Residentials were big at this time (attendence was required between ages 7-15)
League of Indians:
-Created in 1919 by Frederick Loft (Mohawk veteran)
-Was first attempt at united voice for Aboriginal nations
-Government wanted to enfranchise aboriginal veterans
-Right to vote, to give up status
-Many refused because they felt they would be giving up their identity
-Loft believed they shouldn't have to give up status in order to vote
-Edward Ahenakew-Cree helped to extend League of Indians into Western Canada
-During 1920s and 1930s the league worked for better and deucation programs, more finacial aid, control over reserve lands and right to hunt,fish,trap without government interference
Allied Tribes:
-Pushed for reconigtion of aboriginal land rights
-The political activism caused the government to make it:
1) illegal for aboriginal nations to raise funds for land claims
2)restricted right to form political organizations
3)bans on traditional ceremonies
4)some aboriginal people were thrown into jail for taking part in the ceremonies (potlatch)
5) police seized masks and other sacred objects

Six Nations:
-Attempted to gain international recongnition as an independent nation equal to other nations in the world
-Government blocked actions
-1923 -RCMP stationed at the Six Nations reserve
-1924-Police expelled traditional council and seized sacred Wampum belts
-Movements by Aboriginal people had been stifled by the Government

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